Daniel Kavanaugh is a Los Angeles based Fine Art Still Photographer. Specializing in Landscape Photography, Dan has a keen eye to unusual and interesting color palettes. Dan has mastered taking the reality of a scene and skewing it slightly to bring out the emotion and movement that was taking place at that moment.

Over the years Dan has traveled the globe from third world countries to high end exotic destination locations. All the while maintaining his sharp eye for color, composition, and emotion towards the Photographic Landscape in front of him.

Dan also shoots Travel, Product, Food, Beauty and the occasional Sports assignment and is ready and willing to work worldwide. When not on a plane traveling to the next country, he can be found behind the camera as a Motion Picture Camera Operator for Film & TV. Clients such as ABC, CBS, Bravo, Food Network, Discovery, independent films Wet Hot American Summer, Super Troopers, documentaries and many more have all utilized Dan’s skill sets.

Prior to living in Los Angeles, Dan was a successful owner of a small production company on the east coast. He is also a proud Cum Laude Graduate of the Savannah College Of Art & Design (SCAD) with a double major of Film/TV & Photography.

Dan is just a happy east coaster transplant doing what he loves to do - make high quality images. And as a good Jersey boy, he is always up to take in a good baseball game. Some may even call him Studly.